Refurbished kitchen with stainless steel fridge and marble wrapped kitchen island

Kitchen & House Refurbishment – Kingston-Upon-Thames

This project in Kingston-Upon-Thames in South West London included the refurbishment of several areas of a house, including re-fitting the Kitchen. As you can see from the images this is a modern house and the owners are going for a very modern, high end open plan look for their home.

The refurbishment work that we did on this house was focused on the main ‘public’ areas of the home, including the hallway and the large open-plan kitchen. As you can see from the pictures the home owners were going for a lot of gloss and polished finishes and using very neutral colours throughout.  This kind of finish is always a challenge on home refurbishment projects as it shows up any imperfections very easily, so great care had to be taken at each step of the refurbishment process.

Kitchen Refurbishment

The kitchen refurbishment represented the largest area of work on this refurbishment project. The new kitchen included several large focus pieces including the marble wrapped kitchen island, the stainless steel fridge and the wine fridge. As you can see from the images our work included installing a new extractor system, putting in new kitchen storage, lighting and other fittings. You can also see in some of the images how we laid down protective materials on the tiled floor to avoid marking it while working so we could maintain the highest standard finish.

House refurbishment SW15 - kitchen extension
The kitchen being refurbished is part of a larger open plan kitchen and dining area
House refurbishment sw15 - kitchen fitting
Installing new kitchen cabinets with slide out and rotating storage











Entrance Area and Hallways

Another part of this house refurbishment project was to update the entrance and hallway. This included hanging new interior and exterior doors, installing new lighting. Making these changes helped to unify the look of the house so that the spaces flow together better from the front door, right through to the kitchen.

House refurbishment sw15 - floors and light fitting.
Redecorating the hallway including the installation of new lighting.
House refurbishment sw15 - new doors
New doors being hung with a high quality gloss finish
House refurbishment sw15 - hallway improvements
Newly installed front door, and new lighting being installed to improve the entrance way to the house



Bespoke Joinery London Projects

Many of the home renovation and extension projects we work on in London involve bespoke joinery and carpentry, and this is one of our speciality areas. As a company Absolute Building and Construction are members of both the Federation of Master Builders and we are a member of the Trust Mark Scheme specifically for our joinery and carpentry work.

The bespoke joinery and carpentry work that we do ranges from structural elements such as staircases through to kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and shelves. Below are a few examples of the type of bespoke joinery projects we have completed for our clients in London.


Room Partition with Built in Wardrobes

The owners of this property were turning a fairly ordinary master bedroom into a luxury ensuite space. To do this they wanted to put in a partition between the bedroom and ensuite areas. We built them a classic paneled wall with large centrally opening floor to ceiling double doors to lead between the two spaces. The partition that we built serves as double function as it also conceals additional built in wardrobe and storage space. This helps to maintain the luxury feel of the room without compromising on practicality. When painted, and combined with new light fixtures, this bespoke built partition really transformed the space:

Bespoke joinery london - room partition
The bespoke room partition with built-in storage under construction
Bespoke joinery london - finished room partition
The finished room with painted partition, hidden storage and floor to ceiling doors.










Family Room Built-in Storage

The family who own this property had extended their house at the back to create a new family room area with a large glass wall facing onto the garden. They wanted to keep the space fairly minimalist while having space to keep the children’s toys and all of the other odds and ends that usually clutter up family spaces. To do this we built a large storage unit into the side wall of the space. Within the unit different cupboards and shelves were created as well as space to house the TV and other electronics. Because the new built in storage would be such a large feature of the room it was important that our joinery work was up to the highest standards. Small details such as door gaps and hinge alignment can really spoil this type of work if not done properly. In this case the finished storage became a big design feature of the room and really adds to it’s character.

bespoke joinery london - built in storage
The storage was built with plenty of shelves and spaces to fit toys, electronics and lots else.
bespoke joinery london - finished built-in storage
The finished storage unit covers a whole wall, adding interest as well as practicality










Bespoke Bookcases

The owners of this home are avid readers and have a large book collection. They wanted to keep as many books on display as possible without compromising living space. We built them this custom shelving system to wrap around, and above, the doorframe. This makes use of the normally wasted space above the door and creates an impressive feature wall at the same time.

bespoke joinery london - built-in bookcase
The bookcase was built to cover an entire wall and to wrap around the existing door frame.
bespoke joinery london - bespoke bookcases
The finished shelves were painted to fit with the rest of the room with the door frame picked out in a contrasting colour.










Attic Space Bespoke Built in Wardrobe

As a company we do a lot of work on loft conversions in London. One of the challenges with loft conversions is that the slope of the roof always ends up creating awkward spaces which standard shop bought furniture won’t fit into. With our bespoke joinery experience we can easily make use of these awkward spaces by building in bespoke storage areas and wardrobes. In the example below the family had converted an attic room into a bedroom for their daughter and needed plenty of wardrobe space to accommodate her clothes. We were able to build a bespoke wardrobe for her, taking into account the angle of the roof. We built in a set of draws and plenty of shelves to make the most of the space. The finished wardrobe was painted to fit in with the rest of the decor.

bespoke joinery london - built in wardrobe
We built the wardrobe with shelves against the angle of the roof to make the best use of the space
bespoke joinery london - bespoke wardrobe
The finished wardrobe fits the lines of the room perfectly and matches the rest of the girly decor.










Walk in Wardrobes and Shoe Storage

The ultimate luxury for many of our customers is to have their own walk in wardrobe. This can be as much about creating space to appreciate their clothes aa it is about the practicality of dressing and a number of our walk in wardrobe projects we have done have includes cases designed for showing off shoe collections.

bespoke joinery london - shoe storage
This customer has an impressive shoe collection and wanted a neat way to keep them organised while still being able to appreciate her collection.
bespoke joinery london - mens walk-in wardrobe
This walk-in wardrobe was built for a particularly well dressed man using very high quality wood finishes
NW3 Office renovation - feature wall mural

Office Renovation & Refit- Finchley, NW3

we did this office renovation project for Edvice Ltd. They are an education company offering consultancy services for students looking to enter the UK higher education system. The office they took over was a large open plan space that had seen better days. Because of the type of consultancy work that Edvice do they wanted to break up the open plan space into smaller meetings rooms and offices so that they could provide consultancy services to individual clients in a more private and relaxed environment. Once we had cleared out the office the next step that was therefore to install the office partitioning system which would allow us to create the individual offices.

NW3 Office Refit - Partition walls
Installing the framework for the office partitions
NW3 Finchley Office Renovation
How the office looked before we started work on the renovation project











Improving the office layout

The office partition system that we used is quick to setup and requires minimal construction work. We were able to build out the new office plan very quickly, creating a series of corridors, meeting rooms and office spaces to allow Edvice Ltd to hold consultations with their clients in private.

NW3 office renovation - completed partitions
We used office partitioning systems to divide up the space
NW3 office renovation - glass partitions
Glass elements in the partitions divide up the space while allowing plenty of natural light in.












Finishing touches

Because Edvice Ltd mainly deal with young people it was important for them to have an informal atmosphere in the office. A lot of the rooms were furnished with sofas and arm chairs to create informal meeting spaces while pictures and wall murals were used to add extra interest.

NW3 office renovation - informal meeting area
One of the informal meeting areas created for consultations with students
NW3 office renovation - furniture
Bright pictures and furniture were used to create points of interest around the office.
NW3 Office renovation - feature wall mural
One of the bigger features of the design was this wall mural


E15 loft conversion - structural work

Loft Conversion – E15, East London

This loft conversion project in the E15 area of London was slightly more complex than normal as the the house we were working on had already been extended at the back. As you can see from the pictures the existing extension has a sloping roof and the loft conversion was extended out over the top of this. To complicate matters further the neighbors had also previously had a loft conversion and extension done so we had to make sure that our work matched up with theirs. In order to complete this loft conversion it was necessary to strip the existing roof off both the main house and the extension. We then had to install steel beams to provide extra structural support for the loft conversion before re-roofing the newly extended area.

loft conversion E15, London - structural work
Removing the existing roof and putting in structural supports for the loft conversion
loft Conversion E15, London- - extension roof
The roof on the existing extension also had to be removed to allow room for the loft conversion to sit over it.












Building the extended loft conversion

Once the old roof had been stripped back and the structural supports had been put into place we had to build out the loft conversion space. We used a timber frame for most of the structure to keep the weight down and this was then weatherproofed and sealed to provide the finished exterior.


loft conversion, E15, London- - timber structure
Building out the timber structure for the newly extended loft conversion
Loft Conversion E15, London - new roof
Finished fiberglass roof for the main loft conversion area joined up to the neighbour’s existing extension











Loft Conversion Stairs and Skylights

Once the main exterior structure was complete we made the loft conversion fully weather tight by installing the windows, including skylights at the front of the building. We also built a new staircase to provide access up to the loft conversion, As this loft conversion was being done in a Victorian period home the staircase we built was done in a style to fit the rest of the house.

Loft Conversion E15, London - Skylights
Skylights installed at the front of the house to allow in plenty of natural light
Loft Conversion E15, London - staircase
We built a new staircase to access the loft conversion in a style to suit the rest of the house.


2014-04-30 14.03.27

Decorating & House Renovation NW4, London

We undertook this project to renovate and redecorate this house in the Hendon (NW4) area of London. Although no structural changes were required for this renovation project there was still a substantial amount of work to do as we completed jobs in all major areas of the house. One of the largest jobs was creating new built in wardrobes and storage for the bedrooms. As these were going to be such a large feature of the rooms the new wardrobes and storage units had to be carefully finished to ensure the detailing was just right.

House Renovation NW4, London - fitted wardrobes
Building out the new fitted storage and wardrobe units for one of the bedrooms
House renovation NW4, London - fitted bedroom storage
The finished storage and wardrobes in one the bedrooms.










Bathroom Tiling and Renovation 

One of the other areas that required renovation were the bathrooms. We were able to modernise them by updating the tiling and by updating the fixtures and fittings. This included installing new bathroom units and using modern stainless steel taps, radiators and other fittings to give the bathrooms a cleaner look.

House renovation, NW4, London - new bathroom units
Newly installed bathroom storage and sink units
House renovation NW4, London - bathroom renovation
Newly installed storage and sink units along with new radiator/towel rails











New flooring and kitchen units

We also did work on the downstairs of the house. This included laying new wooden flooring throughout as well as updating the kitchen. The new wooden flooring created a unified look throughout the downstairs of the house, helping the different rooms to flow together more sensibly.

House renovation NW4, London - kitchen fitting
The last part of the fitted kitchen waiting to be installed.
House Renovation NW4, London  - new wooden floors
The same type of wooden flooring was used throughout most of the downstairs rooms
2015-06-04 18.53.06

Loft Conversion – Purley, London

The building in this project had previously been divided into flats. The loft conversion we completed added an extra flat onto the top floor of the building. In order to do this we had to create a significant amount of extra room from the old roof space. This made it necessary to install a temporary roof so that we could safely remove the existing roof line and replace it with a newly expanded one. We were able to substantially build out the rear of the property to create the space for the new kitchen area shown in the images.

Loft Conversion Purley, London  - roof works
Building out the additional space for the new kitchen area
Loft Conversion Purley, London - roof trusses
Installing the new roof trusses under the temporary roofing area











Loft Conversion – Interior Fittings

Once the main building works had been completed to adjust the roof line we installed installation into the roof cavity, installed skylights and built in storage and then finished out the rest of the space. This included completing access to the loft conversion via a new staircase and fitting the kitchen. The completed loft conversion was finished with a neutral colours throughout to increase the sense of light and space.

Loft Conversion Purley, London - staircase
Newly created access to the loft conversion
Loft Conversion Purley, London - Skylights
Newly installed skylights and light colours create a great sense of space
Loft conversion Purley, London - kitchen area
The newly installed kitchen within the space created by the roof extension.

Loft Conversion – London SW16

This loft conversion in London SW16 was completed for a private home owner. The aim of this loft conversion was to add another bedroom to the property. Due to planning restrictions we were not able to extend at the front of the house. Instead we added a large dormer window at the back of the house in order to create the extra space our customer wanted. In order to make sure that sufficient light was being allowed into the loft conversion we also fitted skylights on the front of the house.

Loft Conversion London SW16 - Exterior
Work being completed on the exterior of the dormer window
Loft Conversion London SW16 - rear dormer window
Scaffolding erected at the rear of the property to allow work on the dormer window.













Loft conversion stairs and plastering

Once the exterior construction work had been completed, and the skylights and dormer window were installed we moved onto completing the interior elements of the loft conversion. This included building a new staircase and putting in appropriate insulation, plaster boarding, flooring and lighting. We also built storage areas into the lowest parts of the room, making the space more usable for the home owners. The owners were very pleased with their loft conversion which created a light ans spacious new room in their home.

Loft Conversion London SW16- staircase
New wooden staircase built to provide access for the loft conversion.
Loft Conversion London SW16 - Dormer Window Interior
Inside the new space created by the dormer window
Loft Conversion London SW16- Storage
New skylights and storage cupboards installed as part of the loft conversion.