Many of the home renovation and extension projects we work on in London involve bespoke joinery and carpentry, and this is one of our speciality areas. As a company Absolute Building and Construction are members of both the Federation of Master Builders and we are a member of the Trust Mark Scheme specifically for our joinery and carpentry work.

The bespoke joinery and carpentry work that we do ranges from structural elements such as staircases through to kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and shelves. Below are a few examples of the type of bespoke joinery projects we have completed for our clients in London.


Room Partition with Built in Wardrobes

The owners of this property were turning a fairly ordinary master bedroom into a luxury ensuite space. To do this they wanted to put in a partition between the bedroom and ensuite areas. We built them a classic paneled wall with large centrally opening floor to ceiling double doors to lead between the two spaces. The partition that we built serves as double function as it also conceals additional built in wardrobe and storage space. This helps to maintain the luxury feel of the room without compromising on practicality. When painted, and combined with new light fixtures, this bespoke built partition really transformed the space:

Bespoke joinery london - room partition
The bespoke room partition with built-in storage under construction
Bespoke joinery london - finished room partition
The finished room with painted partition, hidden storage and floor to ceiling doors.










Family Room Built-in Storage

The family who own this property had extended their house at the back to create a new family room area with a large glass wall facing onto the garden. They wanted to keep the space fairly minimalist while having space to keep the children’s toys and all of the other odds and ends that usually clutter up family spaces. To do this we built a large storage unit into the side wall of the space. Within the unit different cupboards and shelves were created as well as space to house the TV and other electronics. Because the new built in storage would be such a large feature of the room it was important that our joinery work was up to the highest standards. Small details such as door gaps and hinge alignment can really spoil this type of work if not done properly. In this case the finished storage became a big design feature of the room and really adds to it’s character.

bespoke joinery london - built in storage
The storage was built with plenty of shelves and spaces to fit toys, electronics and lots else.
bespoke joinery london - finished built-in storage
The finished storage unit covers a whole wall, adding interest as well as practicality










Bespoke Bookcases

The owners of this home are avid readers and have a large book collection. They wanted to keep as many books on display as possible without compromising living space. We built them this custom shelving system to wrap around, and above, the doorframe. This makes use of the normally wasted space above the door and creates an impressive feature wall at the same time.

bespoke joinery london - built-in bookcase
The bookcase was built to cover an entire wall and to wrap around the existing door frame.
bespoke joinery london - bespoke bookcases
The finished shelves were painted to fit with the rest of the room with the door frame picked out in a contrasting colour.










Attic Space Bespoke Built in Wardrobe

As a company we do a lot of work on loft conversions in London. One of the challenges with loft conversions is that the slope of the roof always ends up creating awkward spaces which standard shop bought furniture won’t fit into. With our bespoke joinery experience we can easily make use of these awkward spaces by building in bespoke storage areas and wardrobes. In the example below the family had converted an attic room into a bedroom for their daughter and needed plenty of wardrobe space to accommodate her clothes. We were able to build a bespoke wardrobe for her, taking into account the angle of the roof. We built in a set of draws and plenty of shelves to make the most of the space. The finished wardrobe was painted to fit in with the rest of the decor.

bespoke joinery london - built in wardrobe
We built the wardrobe with shelves against the angle of the roof to make the best use of the space
bespoke joinery london - bespoke wardrobe
The finished wardrobe fits the lines of the room perfectly and matches the rest of the girly decor.










Walk in Wardrobes and Shoe Storage

The ultimate luxury for many of our customers is to have their own walk in wardrobe. This can be as much about creating space to appreciate their clothes aa it is about the practicality of dressing and a number of our walk in wardrobe projects we have done have includes cases designed for showing off shoe collections.

bespoke joinery london - shoe storage
This customer has an impressive shoe collection and wanted a neat way to keep them organised while still being able to appreciate her collection.
bespoke joinery london - mens walk-in wardrobe
This walk-in wardrobe was built for a particularly well dressed man using very high quality wood finishes