This project in Kingston-Upon-Thames in South West London included the refurbishment of several areas of a house, including re-fitting the Kitchen. As you can see from the images this is a modern house and the owners are going for a very modern, high end open plan look for their home.

The refurbishment work that we did on this house was focused on the main ‘public’ areas of the home, including the hallway and the large open-plan kitchen. As you can see from the pictures the home owners were going for a lot of gloss and polished finishes and using very neutral colours throughout.  This kind of finish is always a challenge on home refurbishment projects as it shows up any imperfections very easily, so great care had to be taken at each step of the refurbishment process.

Kitchen Refurbishment

The kitchen refurbishment represented the largest area of work on this refurbishment project. The new kitchen included several large focus pieces including the marble wrapped kitchen island, the stainless steel fridge and the wine fridge. As you can see from the images our work included installing a new extractor system, putting in new kitchen storage, lighting and other fittings. You can also see in some of the images how we laid down protective materials on the tiled floor to avoid marking it while working so we could maintain the highest standard finish.

House refurbishment SW15 - kitchen extension
The kitchen being refurbished is part of a larger open plan kitchen and dining area
House refurbishment sw15 - kitchen fitting
Installing new kitchen cabinets with slide out and rotating storage











Entrance Area and Hallways

Another part of this house refurbishment project was to update the entrance and hallway. This included hanging new interior and exterior doors, installing new lighting. Making these changes helped to unify the look of the house so that the spaces flow together better from the front door, right through to the kitchen.

House refurbishment sw15 - floors and light fitting.
Redecorating the hallway including the installation of new lighting.
House refurbishment sw15 - new doors
New doors being hung with a high quality gloss finish
House refurbishment sw15 - hallway improvements
Newly installed front door, and new lighting being installed to improve the entrance way to the house