This loft conversion in London SW16 was completed for a private home owner. The aim of this loft conversion was to add another bedroom to the property. Due to planning restrictions we were not able to extend at the front of the house. Instead we added a large dormer window at the back of the house in order to create the extra space our customer wanted. In order to make sure that sufficient light was being allowed into the loft conversion we also fitted skylights on the front of the house.

Loft Conversion London SW16 - Exterior
Work being completed on the exterior of the dormer window
Loft Conversion London SW16 - rear dormer window
Scaffolding erected at the rear of the property to allow work on the dormer window.













Loft conversion stairs and plastering

Once the exterior construction work had been completed, and the skylights and dormer window were installed we moved onto completing the interior elements of the loft conversion. This included building a new staircase and putting in appropriate insulation, plaster boarding, flooring and lighting. We also built storage areas into the lowest parts of the room, making the space more usable for the home owners. The owners were very pleased with their loft conversion which created a light ans spacious new room in their home.

Loft Conversion London SW16- staircase
New wooden staircase built to provide access for the loft conversion.
Loft Conversion London SW16 - Dormer Window Interior
Inside the new space created by the dormer window
Loft Conversion London SW16- Storage
New skylights and storage cupboards installed as part of the loft conversion.