The building in this project had previously been divided into flats. The loft conversion we completed added an extra flat onto the top floor of the building. In order to do this we had to create a significant amount of extra room from the old roof space. This made it necessary to install a temporary roof so that we could safely remove the existing roof line and replace it with a newly expanded one. We were able to substantially build out the rear of the property to create the space for the new kitchen area shown in the images.

Loft Conversion Purley, London  - roof works
Building out the additional space for the new kitchen area
Loft Conversion Purley, London - roof trusses
Installing the new roof trusses under the temporary roofing area











Loft Conversion – Interior Fittings

Once the main building works had been completed to adjust the roof line we installed installation into the roof cavity, installed skylights and built in storage and then finished out the rest of the space. This included completing access to the loft conversion via a new staircase and fitting the kitchen. The completed loft conversion was finished with a neutral colours throughout to increase the sense of light and space.

Loft Conversion Purley, London - staircase
Newly created access to the loft conversion
Loft Conversion Purley, London - Skylights
Newly installed skylights and light colours create a great sense of space
Loft conversion Purley, London - kitchen area
The newly installed kitchen within the space created by the roof extension.