we did this office renovation project for Edvice Ltd. They are an education company offering consultancy services for students looking to enter the UK higher education system. The office they took over was a large open plan space that had seen better days. Because of the type of consultancy work that Edvice do they wanted to break up the open plan space into smaller meetings rooms and offices so that they could provide consultancy services to individual clients in a more private and relaxed environment. Once we had cleared out the office the next step that was therefore to install the office partitioning system which would allow us to create the individual offices.

NW3 Office Refit - Partition walls
Installing the framework for the office partitions
NW3 Finchley Office Renovation
How the office looked before we started work on the renovation project











Improving the office layout

The office partition system that we used is quick to setup and requires minimal construction work. We were able to build out the new office plan very quickly, creating a series of corridors, meeting rooms and office spaces to allow Edvice Ltd to hold consultations with their clients in private.

NW3 office renovation - completed partitions
We used office partitioning systems to divide up the space
NW3 office renovation - glass partitions
Glass elements in the partitions divide up the space while allowing plenty of natural light in.












Finishing touches

Because Edvice Ltd mainly deal with young people it was important for them to have an informal atmosphere in the office. A lot of the rooms were furnished with sofas and arm chairs to create informal meeting spaces while pictures and wall murals were used to add extra interest.

NW3 office renovation - informal meeting area
One of the informal meeting areas created for consultations with students
NW3 office renovation - furniture
Bright pictures and furniture were used to create points of interest around the office.
NW3 Office renovation - feature wall mural
One of the bigger features of the design was this wall mural