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At Absolute Building & Construction Ltd. we design and make all kinds of bespoke joinery and woodwork including kitchens, cabinetry and bookcases and wardrobes. Although storage needs to be functional in your home you also want it to be visually appealing. This is especially true for items such as kitchen cabinets and bookcases which can be the focus of a room and a home. It isn’t always possible to get exactly what you want off the shelf, especially if you want items that will fit well with existing furniture or features.

Bespoke joinery can also be the best way to optimise the space in small or unusually-proportioned homes. In period houses it can be difficult to find furniture that not only fits with the style of the building but will fit into irregular spaces next to chimney breasts or along walls. Similarly in modern homes, and especially in new builds in can be hard to fit in storage without making your space look cluttered. In all of these cases a bespoke piece of joinery can solve lots of problems by giving you a price of furniture or storage that looks like it was made to fit in your home because it was literally made to fit.

Our bespoke joinery projects range from individual items such as wardrobes and bookcases through to kitchens and designing the shelving, cabinets and storage solutions for a whole house. We always start by discussing with our clients exactly what they need and the kind of finish they are looking for. We will then draw up designs for approval before moving onto the build. One of the benefits of going for a bespoke piece of joinery is the vast array of finishes that can be achieved. As well as using a range of different woods your finished piece can be stained, painted, polished or covered to achieve almost any finish you want. As part of the design process we can often provide samples of different finishes so that they can be matched to existing colour schemes in your home, ensuring that we achieve the correct look.

No job is too small for us. As well as large pieces of bespoke furniture we can also do general maintenance work such as fitting and repairing sash windows, doors and flooring. We provide the same quality service to every customer.

Our bespoke joinery services include:

  • Fitted kitchens
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Custom built windows
  • General joinery.

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